Weston, MA

  • Builder:

    Stonehedge Developments

The owners of this new construction home wanted it full of electronics, all run by an easy to use control system. ACT provided a Savant control system, a theater room, televisions, a music system, climate control, surveillance, a wired/wireless computer network, a doorphone/camera system and a lightning protection system. ACT also integrated a driveway sensor and pool controls with the control system.

Highlights of this project include an opulent theater room, several televisions installed behind media mirrors, a television installed on a lift and hidden in a cabinet when not in use, a driveway sensor which alerts the family when a car enters by sounding a chime over the audio system, and doorphones with cameras installed at the property’s main gate and the home’s main entrance.

The control system was easy for the family to use because they were already Apple users. The family can control all of their electronics using an app on their existing iPhones and iPads. They can also control the electronics remotely from anywhere in the world.